Know-how to organize shoemakers

1. PET bottle

Please cut it comfortably to fit the size of your shoes.

If you just lay your shoes on top, the dirt on the soles of your shoes will fall off and become messy or deformed, so make sure you keep them neat with a pet bottle.

2. A shoe box

You can use it in a shoe box, but if you use it like a shelf, it’s good to use space.

3. Clothes hangers.

If it’s not at the right height, we can’t even get to the center of each other’s connection. Make it according to length.

Tie the hangers of the clothesline. You can just use it, but I recommend you to fix it.

You can put it in the front door and use it in the shoe cabinet.

egg tip

4. Bonus tips!

There are many other things you can get from newspapers and green tea bags, so try using them.