a nutritional deficiency check as an anomaly

It is not easy for most modern people to eat on time because of their busy daily lives.

Although we sometimes eat nutritious foods that we say are good for our health, we may not be able to satisfy all the nutrients our body needs.

Online media outlet Little Sharks.com introduced food that helps prevent and diagnose malnutrition through symptoms that appear in his body.

If any of the following symptoms are true, try to take care of your health by eating the food that is introduced to you because your body is undernourished.

1. My hands are cold.

Cold hands are a common symptom of a lack of iodine, especially as a sign of weakened immune systems.

When iodine, which helps produce thyroid hormones, is severely lacking, the thyroid becomes swollen or painful.

Foods that prevent this include shrimp, seafood such as seaweed and baked potatoes.

2. There’s a lot of ker.

Dry weather often exfoliates the skin, but it is also caused by a lack of vitamin A.

Lack of vitamin A can lead to rough skin, frequent trouble, and even damage to the walls of the internal organs.

Foods that prevent this include meat, liver, butter and milk.

3. My fingernails get weak and break.

Many people carelessly pass over broken and cracked fingernails, a symptom of a lack of magnesium.

Lack of magnesium not only breaks your fingernails, but also causes cramps under your eyes or pain in your muscles or joints.

Foods that prevent this include tofu, bananas, spinach and nuts.

4. White spots are formed on the fingernails.

Sometimes there are white spots on the fingernails, which are caused by a lack of zinc.

A lack of zinc causes the immune system to weaken, causing nausea, fatigue, and lethargy.

Foods that prevent this include seafood such as oysters, bruises and shrimp, and nuts.

5. A rash occurs on the skin.

Especially, if the skin around the nose or mouth gets red and prickly, it signals a lack of vitamin B2.

If vitamin B2 is lacking, the eyes become sensitive to light, making the glare more intense, splitting the skin around the mouth, and making the lips more shiny.

Foods that prevent this include fish, green vegetables, and grains.

6. My tongue is cracked and bleeding.

If the tongue breaks or blisters on the skin of the mouth, this is caused by a lack of vitamin B3.

Lack of vitamin B3 can’t digest well and can cause diarrhea, enteritis and dermatitis.

Foods that prevent this include protein-rich eggs, beef and soybeans.

7. I’m getting a lot of fish.

It is natural to have gray hair as you get older, but it may be a sign that your body lacks vitamin B12.

A lack of vitamin B12 can lead to anemia or even dementia if your face becomes pale and severe.

Foods that prevent this include dark green vegetables such as spinach, which is high in folic acid, or yogurt.