joint-detection health condition

The condition of my health by loosening my joints without having to weigh three days.

Now, if you don’t turn your neck and your high joints back and forth 20 times, and you don’t turn around smoothly,

Since soy sauce and gallbladder are empty, stimulate the liver and gallbladder to improve the liver and gallbladder.

If you do it again, you’ll see that it’s smoother than the first time.

People with empty soy sauce and gallbladder can’t relax, especially at dawn.

On the other hand, the liver and gallbladder are weak, the feces, the bowel, the lung, the colon, the lung, the colon, the intestinal vein.

If you untie it, you’ll notice that it’s.

The reason is that weak books should be nourished a lot and small amounts should be stimulated so that the balance of Chapter 6 is balanced and released.

I hope that other joints will help you relax by referring to your body below.

Thirst, hip rotation – When the energy of the liver and gallbladder is weak,

Stimulate Seoam-mum in the basic room and the liver vein.

Exercise your neck, hip and hip exercises improve your liver and gallbladder’s fragile energy.

Raise your elbow – when your heart and small intestine are weak

If you do a lot of push-ups and you continue to stimulate the basic room and the heart-chromatosis chief’s grommosis,

The function of the weak heart small intestine is improved.

When the spleen ( pancreas) and the stomach are weak, they’re not turning their knees.

Do knee flexion and knee rotation exercises.

If you continue to stimulate the basic chamber, the Big Mac, and the crisis Meg’s blood transfusion,

It improves the ability of the weak stomach.

Handle your wrist – When your lungs and colon are weak, you exercise your wrist a lot

If you continue to stimulate the primary room, pulmonary vein thrombosis, and sinusitis,

We like weak lung colon and bronchial respiratory atopic diseases such as asthma.

Turning your back, turning your ankles – when your kidneys and bladder are weak, you’re doing waist-spinning and ankle-spinning exercises.

If you put a lot of seoampum on the basic room and the kidney vein and bladder vein osmosis,

The kidney bladder is weak, so people who are well-built and have uterine diseases recover quickly and improve.

Hormones, Nervous Symposium, Three Seconds, the energy of Sanghwa is weak.

Bend your arms a little bit, turn your shoulders, hold your hands open, and exercise your hands.

If you consistently stimulate the stenosis of the basic room and the symphonic vein, the trichotomy, the trichotomy.

Depression, panic disorder, bipolar disorder, tic disorder, ovarian disease, and other mental disorders are very helpful.