Blank of a note. This frequent mistake

I don’t know where the memo is.

I am good at taking notes then, but when I need it, I don’t know where the notes are and can’t use them.

This is because they usually use notes that are too small in volume, or write notes on paper sheets, or behind-the-scenes, so they are not identified as trash or memos.

This is the reason why companies recommend using something larger than A4 or thicker in size.

My handwriting, I don’t recognize it either.

“What do you think this is written about?”

The ridiculous situation in which I have to ask my colleague in the next seat for my writing is often happening to the memo booms.

It is only the owner of the writing that can decipher the contents of the scrawl.

The basis of the memo is that it should be at least legible.

I just take notes and don’t look at them again

No matter how hard you take notes, it’s no use if you don’t look at them again.

Those who write down notes and ask their colleagues about the same thing do not know the basic purpose of the notes.

It is better to have a habit of browsing through the notes once a day so that you can read them at the right moment.