Symptoms of a bad stomach

1. It’s hard to swallow food because of something stuck in your throat.

2. I have no appetite and feel an unpleasant satire after meals.

3. I can’t have a full meal.

4. There is nausea and vomiting.

5. There is a hot or warm chest cavity that spreads from the upper abdomen to the shoulder.

6. The tip of my tongue is stuffy and painful.

7. The gas is easily filled and burps frequently.

8. My stomach hurts, cramps, or hot or sore.

9. Any part of the body has abdominal pain, and the stomachache is cyclical or persistent.

10. Embryonic pain seems to be fixed or moving to either side.

11. Even if you take digestive or antacids, your stomachache won’t settle down and you keep hurting.

12. They often vomit food without nausea or nausea.

13. There is a brown or black substance that contains small particles that look like coffee powder in vomit.

14. The feces are black or mixed with red blood.

15. Diarrhea continues continuously or the feces suddenly dilute unlike before.

16. I often see small amounts of feces in a hurry.

17. Dark yellow or gray in color, with a slippery, nasty smell and a lot of foam.

18. I wake up in the middle of the night with diarrhea.

19. Seeing feces or discharging farts makes you feel better.

20. I try very hard to see the stool, but I can’t look at the stool.

21. I feel sick and sick in the empty stomach and wake up at dawn with pain.

22. The weight is continuously reduced and the chest compressions are repeated for a long time.

23. Diarrhea like water is accompanied by convulsive pain in the lower abdomen and nausea and vomiting. But there is no fever.

24. When exposed to an excited or unfamiliar environment, the anal area feels cool and cannot see the bowels properly.

25. After meals, the heart becomes stuffy and unpleasant to the hands and feet continue for a while.