Position causes and symptoms of abdominal pain

But one that we often have a stomachache, said all the different causes and symptoms in accordance with the affected area?.

Common sense know if you like a ship you’ll help when we get sick. Care must be taken to a single view is still sick.

1. Between

The affected area inside the right side of the ribs with fever, hepatitis, should suspect.

If the symptoms worse, treating is good. in his right shoulder to initial pain you are peogigi

2. stomach, heart from the duodenum.

The solar plexus to poor blood circulation in the center is easy to experience, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer if you don’t.

Duodenal ulcer, inflammation of the duodenum, takes place, this felt pain in your part.

3.The pain in the left side of the solar plexus was long, are suspected of a stomach ulcer.

This area is the leader of the spleen when it was damaged or gas also cause pain.

4. Four kidneys, Jean.

If you have kidney stones but there is no vital organs in the right side of the navel area can get sick, and hernia is also woke up, too, causes pain.

5. the blind gut, pancreas, colon, pancreas.

Many internal pain, bringing together choosing the exact judgment is a tough area as well.

At the beginning of the season, the area as appendicitis is slightly worse can get sick, and myocardial infarction can also cause pain.

6. kidney, pancreas.

Can cause belly pain, kidney stones is next to the left.

Burst onto the scene and extreme pain at this time to throw up if the possibility of acute pancreatitis.

Can be, but most have a smarting pain wears off quickly.

7. Appendix

Go to the right lower abdomen or belly pain that began around the solar plexus, likely to be acute appendicitis.

Women are the right side of the ovaries may cause problems.

8. Ovarian and uterine.

I felt pain in your belly the bottom when there is a problem in a woman’s uterus and ovaries.

It is recommended that an accurate medical treatment of professionals to visit a maternity unit.

9. Ureter.

If there is more than in the ureter left abdomen, which began the left flank pain, and the inner thighs, electrolytes and Hematuria can come.

This is when there is a problem with women left ovary can get sick.