Food that is to cause cancer

35 % of the nutritional problems caused by tumors.

Be 220 percent likely to have high in refined flour if you eat a lot of breast cancer.

What kind of food could worsen and cause cancer, although less obvious that certain foods is related to cancer is proven.

An individual’s health and physical characteristics are different, but anyone if you often eat these foods, experts say increases the risk of cancer.

In this article can trigger cancer seven food, which I am going to talk.

Whose son processed meat

Most of the processed meat like sausage, ham, bacon, using chemical preservatives and artificial colours for the freshness and taste and contains a lot of fat and salt.

Sodium nitrate chemicals such as intake increases the risk of colon cancer.

Whose son refined white researchers refined carbohydrates consumption, according to the study of mechanics milgaruam the 2.2 percent higher incidence of cancer.

Foods high in sugar that regulates blood sugar levels, raise cancer progresses more quickly and can spread faster in other areas.

Whose son’s sugar

As with refined flour, confectioners ’ sugar, the cause of cancer cells and the cause of the transition.

High in fructose sugar to make it to make cancer cells more quickly and easily the main culprit.

Cookies, cakes, pies, refined sugar in foods like soda, juice or sauce contains a lot of foods that can cause cancer.

Whose son of GM.

Transgenic and genetically modified food is not yet fully proven, but if you eat.

Increases the risk of cancer. Such as corn, tomatoes, beans, canola are food.

Whose son, fries and junk food.

Frying and eating junk food should be avoided. This food is of getting heart disease and diseases such as obesity and cancer risk may be.

French fries, potato chips, snacks at the supermarket or restaurant commonly accessible.

Such foods include 120 °, akeuriramaideu c when cooking at more than contain carcinogens.

This material contains more junk food with French fries.

Also, this is the food, trans fats, sodium and sugar concentrations which are things that can cause cancer.

Whose son on a diet food and drinks.

I’m good for weight loss and healthy diet food or drinks but this is not true.

This food is low in calories, carbohydrates, fat or sugar is true.

However, a label attached to the unit is a healthy way to lose weight it has published as consumers feel disoriented when they have.

Also, this is the product contains that of aspartame in artificially sweet taste, which is used to pay the causes of cancer to be one of the matter.

Whose son cans of tomato

Most of the hormone that can not function normally in the canned food substance contains bpa.

This material associated with heart disease, infertility, reproductive organs, infertility, in particular linked illnesses and been proven.

Or eat lots of canned food, greater risk of cancer.

Between the cans of tomato products is very bad but the fortress of cans of tomato products more to create a bpa.