the habit of making the brain happy

the habit of making the brain happy.

1. Ask yourself a question before you act or speak.

Whenever you fight addiction or anything else that attracts you every day, you always say, ‘What happens if you do this?asks the question, ‘

When trying to act or say something, think ahead of its consequences.

The above questions can act as a warning or a stop sign when the brain is about to take a bad

2. Let’s believe in the miracle of a piece of paper.

Write down specific goals for the main areas of life on a piece of paper.

And they ask themselves questions every day. Will my actions today help me get what I want?

This simple but profound activity will help you make good choices every day for a better life.

3. Beware of all addiction and compulsiveness.

All addiction is constantly exposed to very strong stimuli, and thus worse when the pleasure centers of the brain are becoming increasingly dull.

Identify the activities that produce adrenaline in your daily life. Among them, you have to stop unhealthy activities.

And if you get more obsessive even if it’s a good.

4. Change regular activity to help your brain health.

People who have a solid family and habits, regular activities, persevering and fulfilling are in favor of longevity.

Consider the activities you do regularly every day or every week.

Can’t we make that activity more brain-helpful?

For example, can’t you walk to a place where you always drive?

Can’t you change the time you watch TV to brain game?

5. Brain health needs to be managed from an early age.

If you want children to make better decisions throughout their lives, you should protect your brain even harder.

The brain is inefficient until the age of 25.

To avoid disrupting early brain development, you should help avoid smoking, drug abuse, poor food quality, stress, and lack of sleep.

The brain doesn’t grow old.