a frightening habit that stimulates aging

1. Too much worry

Stress is a serious factor that promotes aging.

It affects mental and emotional health as well as physical health.

Stress contributes to a rise in blood pressure and has a negative impact on immunity

It would be good to do activities such as yoga that can reduce stress.

2. Lack of exercise

Not exercising can lead to obesity, cardiovascular and kidney problems.

Spending only 30 minutes a day on exercise can prevent the promotion of aging and can live up to 10 years longer.

3. Lack of sleep

It’s easy to think that lack of sleep can only tire people and produce consequences such as dark circles.

Lack of sleep, however, will allow people to eat more food than usual, in addition to making them feel weak all day.

4. Bad eating habits

Vegetables are essential if you don’t want to grow old at a fast pace.

Vegetables have antioxidants (such as Vitamin E and C) that can prevent stress from oxidation and various cancers.

5. To neglect skin care

Applying cream and lotion alone is not skin care.

Getting enough moisture is important for skin care.

Selecting the right basic products and getting enough water can slow the aging process.

6. Smoking

Smoking causes cancer and heart disease and turns your teeth yellow.

Not only that, they age faster because they contribute to fine wrinkles.

7. Not using sunscreen

sunscreen protects our skin from UVB.

Many women use base-making products with UV protection, but using sunscreen prevents pores, dark spots and fine wrinkles.

8. Not having sex regularly

Some studies show that people who have regular sex are healthier.

Sex is said to produce hormones such as endorphins to increase the efficiency of the immune system, reduce stress, and reduce the chance of certain cancers.