7 foods that are good for waste discharge and fat decomposition

We eat food, counting calories and worrying about how much weight we gain, but there are some foods we eat that help us burn our body fat.

We’ve looked at foods that produce waste and are effective in decomposing fat.

1. Orange

Oranges can be eaten simply by peeling and contain a lot of fiber.

Also, oranges have a very high satiety index compared to other fruits, making them less likely to feel empty.

The fiber of oranges helps dissolve fat and is effective in losing fat.

2. Corn beard

Corn beard is a bunch of fibrous tissue that has nutrients such as protein, vitamins, minerals, sugars and fiber.

It has polyphenols and flavonoids, which help you lose swelling by helping you urinate, and is effective in diet, as well as in the symptoms of swelling with salts and toxins in your body due to frequent late-night eating and bad eating habits that eat a lot of salty food.

If you eat greasy food or drink it instead of water, it will also remove waste matter from your body, which is effective for your skin’s.

3. Green tea

If you drink green tea 30 minutes before exercise, you can help break down fat and have a diet effect.

This is because the catechin component of green tea releases unnecessary waste and neutral lipids in the body through diuretic action.

Green tea is rich in a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, which suppresses aging and contains vitamin C, which is five times more than lemon, to prevent roughness of skin and maintain elasticity and moisturization.

4. Pepper

Pepper is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin P (Bio flavonoids). Pepper contains a substance called capsaicin, which makes our body’s metabolism smooth.

It also helps blood circulation to burn body fat, suppresses appetite and helps burn calories after meals, which is good for diets.

5. Microwave

The brown rice contains a total of 16 nutrients including vitamin B, vitamin B1 and protein, and is three times more fiber than white rice.

Eating a little bit is effective for dieting because it is full and delays absorption of digestion.

Also, Hyeonmi is 354Kal per 100g and planning a diet with vegetarian diet effectively releases toxins and waste matter in the body and is effective in skin trouble.

6. Munching acorn

More than 90 percent of acorns are water-based foods, and they are rich in fiber, and even a small amount of them are more satisfying, making them effective in losing weight.

Tannin in acorns combines with bile acid to prevent reabsorption of bile acid and reduce cholesterol levels in the body.


Gonjak is made up of about 97 percent water and contains carbohydrates, protein, and potassium in addition to water.

Glucomannan of gonjak swells about 20 times when you meet moisture, but if you take gonjak and water 30 minutes before you eat, you feel full and can reduce your food intake.

It is also helpful for dieting as it is 5 kcal low per 100 grams.