8 things you must do if you want to be in the top 3%

1. Set a clear goal.

It keeps you in a straight line.

Keep in mind that you don’t have as much time to spend as you think.

I think I can handle the things that are coming, but I don’t.

The problem will face more problems as time goes by.

The Pygmalion effect is that what one desperately wants is done.

A clear goal has the effect of achieving and further reducing goals.

A clear goal is only possible when things are badly desired.

2. Target and achieve at least a dozen things.

Set your goal on three big criteria.

1) Keep community service in mind.

2) Set household goals clearly.

3) Determine self-improvement.

Have a strategy to achieve your goals at least one a month.

3. Achieve success in your home.

All power comes from home.

No one has ever been successful by neglecting their homes.

Life is not a short-term race, but a long-term race like a marathon.

Keep in mind that the source of power comes from home.

No matter how much money you make, it’s no use destroying your child’s farming.

Money can be earned later, but children’s education should not be missed.

Don’t forget that family comes first.

Those who fail in business are likely to revive, but those who fail in the family will never be revived.

4. Make saving a living.

A true rich man comes from saving a thousand won rather than making 10,000 won.

Don’t think of becoming rich without saving.

Playing golf is okay, but if you’re confident of playing it in 10 years.

If not, have a cheap hobby.

5. Invest time and money in self-development to build your skills.

The time required for an office worker to turn into a self-employed or businessman is approximately two to five years of preparation.

If you think you’ll go and change then after you’ve been in trouble, you’d better think that the game is over by then.

Make R&D (R&D) ratios for yourself 10%.

For 20 million won, invest 2 million won for yourself.

It is possible to drink alcohol, reduce entertainment and entertainment expenses.

The annual calculation of apartment management costs is well over one million won.

In addition, car insurance premiums are often over one million won a year.

apartment maintenance costs Don’t forget that you are thousands of times more valuable than car insurance.

Don’t spend your money in the wrong place and invest for yourself.

Boldly invest in participation in success-related workshops, book purchases, sports, etc.

Keep in mind that education is an investment, not an expense.

There is nothing to gain without investing.

Keep in mind that education investment recoups approximately 480% of the cost.

6. Make the pattern of living an early bird.

You never live a successful life without waking up early.

Our country tends to sleep too much.

The average sleeping time for a CEO is about four hours.

Dawn brings you gold, health and success.

Even one person in the house often gets healthy in the whole house.

Now, if you’re a little older, quickly switch to early-morning life.

Keep in mind that if you don’t live in the early hours of your 30s, you will be fighting poverty for life.

To make a dawn pattern, the most important thing is to sleep early.

Dawn patterns must bring wealth.

Never drink alcohol to sleep before 10 o’clock, and entertainment and entertainment make life impossible.

If you think about it now, early in the morning gives you a chance to save a lot of money.

Furthermore, as life becomes regular, it has become much healthier than in the past.

Furthermore, they don’t even think about adult diseases.

Dawn also brings a lot of time.

One hour of dawn is comparable to the usual three hours.

As such, the early hours of the morning are highly

It is no exaggeration to say that the life of success is determined by how quickly you experience the greatness of dawn and whether or not you are successful.

7. Succeed in time management

Time management is managed by goals and plans.

It is a goal and a plan only if you keep it on paper and keep it in order every day.

No matter how well-made goals and plans are, it’s no use if you don’t check and check them often.

The goal must first be a lifelong goal.

At least 100 goals must be set before death.

In order to achieve that, daily plans and lifelong goals must be consistently linked in the order of 10-year goals, one-year goals, six-month goals, one-month goals, weekly plans, and daily plans.

The repetition of doing, evaluating, analyzing, and re-executing by this is the core of time management.

Time management is to act on goals and plans.

Act according to plan for a week.

And as time goes by, you’ll find that you’ve achieved so much that you don’t know.

8. Keep an eye on rapidly changing economic flows.

Now economic knowledge brings you great benefits,

If you want to make money, keep an eye on the economy.

For those who have lived with interest in politics, sports, entertainment and entertainment, they have never met a rich man.

Interest rate policy, economic growth next year, consumer price index and global economic outlook are big information.

This determines the Jettake.

The days of making money by doing nothing but securities are over.

We must have a good grasp of the overall economic flow.

To do so, we must know the basic common sense of the economy.

If you don’t know it, you’ll live in a state of uneasiness.

This is the era of low interest rates.

The low interest rate era marks the end of the era when people used to deposit money in a safe bank with high interest rates.

It is an era of investment.

But investment must have a double-edged sword.

It implies both revenue and risk.

The basis of finance is safety.

The investment strategy of Warren Buffett, the top U.S. investor, is Article 1, never loses.

Article 2. Observe the basics of Article 1.

What do you mean? Investment is more about safety than profitability.

In order to protect safety, we need to know. If you don’t know, you’re doomed.

If you don’t know the first clause of the financial aid, just stay put.

There are too many cases around us that we lose all our wealth that we invest in because we don’t know about it.

For more than 20 years, a person who has never missed the 9 o’clock news is still living in a jeonse house.

On the other hand, people who are interested in the economy have seen them become very rich within 10 years.

Learn the economic fundamentals at the expense of money.

And analyze and grasp economic flows well.

Then you’ll get a tremendous opportunity.