food good for stomach cancer

I’m sure many of you have poor stomach health due to your diet that enjoys spicy and salty food.

For those of you, I’m going to tell you something good for stomach cancer.

1. Cabbage

The vitamin U in cabbage protects the stomach and regenerates the stomach lining.

Because it destroys nutrients when heated, it is less burdensome and more effective to eat it as a cabbage juice than eating it.

2. White dangle

It helps the secretion of the music, relieves gastritis and helps prevent and detoxify cancer, which is good for stomach cancer.

3. Soybean

Soybeans not only have stomach comfort, but areoflavones prevent cancer cell proliferation, which helps stomach cancer.

4. Graviola

While conventional anti-cancer drugs have caused side effects by destroying all cells, Grabiola has been found to selectively destroy only damaged cancer cells.

The anti-cancer effect of the Graviola extract is 10,000 times that of Adriatic superstition, a widely used chemical.

5. Red ginseng

The anti-cancer effect of red ginseng is already widely known.

Laboratory experiments have shown that it’s more than high-capacity anti-cancer drugs.

It also inhibits the proliferation of Helicobacter pylori, which causes stomach cancer, which is very good for stomach cancer.

6. Tea mushroom

Betaglucan and phytocal compounds strengthen the immune system and inhibit stomach cancer, which is very effective for stomach cancer.

I found some foods that are good for stomach cancer.

As the main cause of stomach cancer is eating habits, it is recommended to refrain from salty and provocative foods if possible.

I hope you eat good food in your stomach and keep your stomach.