How to Drink Healthy Water

How to Drink Healthy Water
• 1 cup after wake-up
• 1 cup 30 minutes before meals
• 1 cup after 2 hours of meal
• Frequently in the event of an empty stomach

What kind of water would be good?

Water that has been mixed and boiled is not good. The brown water is the best!

Hyunmi is similar in calories to white rice, but the nutrients are much richer than brown rice.

Hyunmi’s abundant dietary fiber not only keeps blood sugar stable but also helps maintain a sense of satiety, which is good for weight loss, or diet.

It can also take enough water-soluble minerals or vitamins in the United States.

boiling method of brown water

1. Wash brown rice

2. Stir-fry washed Hyunmi on a frying pan until brown for 5 to 10 minutes.

3. A spoonful of brown rice in 2 liters of water.

– Add brown rice when the water boils up, and finish when it is lukewarm after boiling for about a minute.

**Pressure. Diabetes. Make sure to get your stomach fat. Make sure to try it.

Have you heard of the flower mushroom enzyme?

Flower mushroom enzyme is a natural food product that is fermented with plant lactobacillus in a traditional way by mixing non-agricultural-grown brown rice with flower mushrooms.

Flower mushroom enzymes are a food made with utmost care for our parents, children, and precious family health, so anyone can easily eat them.

I hope you will enjoy your health.

Recently, the effectiveness of flower mushrooms has been continuously introduced to MBN’s heavenly snow, all-material awards, and health

Eat balanced nutrients easily with honest-made flower mushroom enzyme fermentation liquid mushrooms without any chemical additives.

Enjoy a healthy and happy life!