How to Keep Your Eyes Health

What is dry eye syndrome?

People often think of dry eyes as a symptom of dry eyes. However, dry eye syndrome is not a simple disease as thought.

The tissues involved in the secretion of tears are damaged, causing the tear film to become unstable, causing a foreign sensation or dryness in the eyes.

If any of the tissues involved in the secretion of tears develop abnormalities, the amount of tears will be reduced and the tears will change, causing inflammation of the eyes.

Also, in some cases, heavy tears are also a symptom of dry eye syndrome.

His eyes are stiff and sour, and there is a feeling of foreign matter like a rolling grain of sand, and a stringy, sticky eyeball.

In severe cases, pain, headaches, and fatigue can lead to major inconveniences in everyday life.

Self-diagnosis for dry eyes

If more than three of the following symptoms are present, suspect eye dryness.

Also, if there are more than five, you should visit a hospital quickly.

1) It is hard to read a book because my eyes get tired easily.

2) My eyes are stiff and cold.

3) There is a feeling of foreign water in my eyes.

4) The eyes are often bloodshot for no reason.

5) Tears pour down when the wind blows

6) My eyes keep closing when I’m in a bright place.

7) My eyes have threadlike secretions, and my eyelids don’t open well after I sleep.

8) Brilliant, burning, or severe pain

9) It feels as if there is a curtain in front of me.