food that removes waste from the body

1. Seaweed

Seaweed removes heavy metals from the body.

Seaweed and other kelp and seaweeds are indigestible in the body, so they absorb harmful heavy metals, unwanted fats, environmental hormones, and carcinogens and release them out of the body.

2. Soybean paste

Doenjang is a food that I want to recommend to smokers.

Soybean paste removes nicotine, the main ingredient of tobacco.

Soybean paste also stimulates appetite and makes you feel refreshed when you are tired or when your head is heavy.

Soybean paste is a fermented food of soybeans, and it also has excellent anti-cancer properties.

3. Pork

The red meat part of the pork area allows for the discharge and detoxification of heavy metals in the stomach.

There is a saying that pork is eaten to remove dust during the yellow dust season because it releases heavy metals that are mixed in the yellow dust

Unsaturated fatty acids in pork neutralize carbon dioxide to remove the quality of pollution in the lungs.

4. Minari

The water parsley protects the bronchial tubes that absorb a lot of smoke or dust and produces them.

It also has the ability to neutralize puffer fish’s poison, so it is always to put water parsley in the blowfish soup.

5. Onion

The kercetin of onions is only used in photosynthesis plants.

It is a uniquely found ingredient that helps detoxify by facilitating absorption of heavy metals and nicotine, a toxic ingredient, in the body, in addition to anti-cancer effects.

6. Garlic

The sulfur content in garlic combines with mercury in the body to help bowel change.

The alicin content of garlic also strengthens liver function and excels in the emission of heavy metals such as mercury.

7. Klorella

Clorella is a very small single-celled algae that leave calcium, zinc and magnesium contained in clorella in the small intestine’s blood, which releases dioxin, cadmium and lead from the body.

8. Water

Make a habit of drinking more than 1.5 liters of water a day.

Eating enough water not only releases waste or heavy metals in the body, but also protects cells in the body from free radicals.

It is more effective to drink herbal tea, which promotes metabolism and produces waste products, than on-the-wall water.

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