men’s debilitating lifestyle

1. Too often to be alone

masturbation is definitely helpful for sexual function.

But masturbating too often can damage your adult health. Experts compare it to water.

Seventy percent of our bodies are made up of water, and it’s good for our health if we consume the right amount of water every day.

But they say drinking too much water at once can lead to death.

The same is true of self-defense. If you do it too often, your penis may swell or tear and cause sexual problems, so be careful

2. Pour it in. Drink it, drink it!

I’m dying for a pungent beer in the evening.

The right amount of alcohol per day is better for the body, but too often, it’s not good for the body, but it’s a rat for the sexual function.

Alcohol causes headaches in the head and is one of the main culprits in erectile dysfunction downwards.

Beer is said to interfere with sexual activity by exaggerating the stomach and bladder.

3. Smoking is harmless.

Cigarettes are definitely harmless substances.

A study by the University of Boston in the U.S. warned that toxic substances in cigarettes damage the vessels of the penis, permanently reducing the size of the penis.

That’s not good news for men who are sensitive to penis size.

In addition, smokers are 26 times more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than non-smokers, less likely to have sexual desire and less ability to conceive.

4. Terrible stomach

Obesity has a lot of negative effects on sexual function.

In particular, if the abdominal fat is severe, it may appear to be small in size due to the presence of the penis in the stomach.

Dr. Ronald Tarrar, a male health expert, said some obese men are covered in abdominal fat and can hardly see their genitals.

Child obesity can also cause sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalance, and decreased energy levels.

5. Sad indifference

They say you should be interested in the various abnormal signals sent by the genitalia.

Experts say genitalia needs friendly care, too.

When you’re tired and tired of your daily life, you lose your sexual desire and become indifferent to your erection!

If this continues, it can lead to a long-term decline in energy, so be careful and pay attention.

It’s a good idea to check every morning to see if it’s doing well, whether it’s responding properly to stimuli, and so on!

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