Causes and Treatment of Gases in the Gastrointestinal Homemade Treatment

Where do these gases come from?

There are various factors that contribute to gas generation or bloating after food intake. The main causes are described below.

An eating habit that doesn’t eat too fast, open its mouth, or chew properly. This way, eating food puts more air into your body.

a lack of stomach acid that prevents food from being digested properly.

Eating foods that are allergic and cannot be properly digested properly. It is a common phenomenon when people eat foods that include gluten or lactose.

intestinal bacterial imbalance

ingestion of foods that produce gases such as legumes, cabbages, onions, and artichokes.

ingestion of fibrous foods or constipation supplements, such as flax, diameter, etc.

Indirect factors cannot be omitted.

stress and emotional tension

the habit of not moving one’s body.

Lilax with lemon chestnuts

The first step in avoiding in-house gas is to eat comfortably and calmly in situations where you are not in a hurry and are not disturbed by other tasks.

If I tend to feel nervous or if I feel stress or anxiety right now,

If you’re eating in a very uncomfortable situation and I can’t avoid it, try to relax by drinking tea in the morning before lunch.

The tea that works best is lemon chestnuts. This car helps our nervous system and digestive system balance.

If you can’t drink lemon chestnut tea, you can take it in the form of extracts or pills.

digesting ginger tea

Ginger roots are good for our health in many ways. In this article, ginger stimulates the secretion of stomach acid to help digestion.

Ginger roots are a good tea to drink before meals if you don’t have stomach acid reflux symptoms.

You can have some tea, some unripe ginger, or some ginger candy.

cumin and fennelo cuisine

It is recommended that you get used to the way you cook herbs in your food.

Among them, why don’t you use spices and vegetables to get rid of the gas in your intestines?

The best thing to do is to add these ingredients if you eat cumin and pennel, or if you eat soy foods or gas-producing vegetables.

These ingredients are also great for adding a different flavor to the dish.

Enzyme of pineapple and papaya

When eating red meat or fish as the main dish, why not try fruit as a dessert?

Fresh pineapple or papaya seems to be a good choice. Because there are enzymes in this tropical fruit that help digest protein.

However, if your meal is made up of a lot of flour or starch (such as pasta, pizza, bread, potatoes, etc.) try to avoid these fruits.

This is because the enzymes in pineapple and papaya can make it harder to digest flour

In general, fruits that can be eaten frequently with meals are apples or pears. This is because other fruits make digestion difficult or rather produce gas in the stomach.

Eating fruits in the morning between breakfast and lunch, or in the afternoon after lunch, is healthier for your body.

It is easy to get digestive enzyme supplements at pharmacies and health food stores.

Take it occasionally, but don’t rely on it. The best way to reduce intestinal gas is to improve the function of the stomach with natural materials.