tea good for rhinitis

1. Small bean tea

Soybeans, known for their good for rhinitis, have the effect of treating inflammation and removing blood from the fish.

It is good for rhinitis, even if you eat it with powder or beans, or even if you take it steadily as a car for easy daily use.

2. Tea forsythia flowers (mongryun

Cannary flowers, which treat cold-induced diseases, are good for nasal congestion and diseases such as sinusitis, rhinitis, and wind.

It’s a canary flower with a maeulist, but it helps ventilate your nose by piercing your nose with a strong energy.

3. Nearby dodge

Yoo Geun-py, which was also introduced in the beginning of the new drug, is a drug that helps cure inflammation and boost immunity.

It’s a non-toxic, tranquil drug that anyone can take regardless of their constitution.

It’s special for allergic rhinitis and so on.

4. Ginger tea

Ginger, which has warm properties, treats coldness, stops the runny nose and improves immunity to help prevent rhinitis.

5. Convective licorice

Drinking jujube and licorice together helps warm the body, relieves inflammation of the nose, and stabilizes mucous membranes.

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