the wisdom of a successful businessman

1. A real merchant thinks about the past, the future, and the things that always happen there.

2. Think of one’s customers as 10,000 soon.

3. Always have patience in mind to be my own master.

4. The only way to keep a shop is through hard work and frugality.

5. Live frugally but use whatever you need.

6. If you are sincere in your heart, you will also protect your “God.”

7. Behind the Line: Credit comes first and profits later.

8. Make sure to inform the customer of the advantages and disadvantages of the product and do not discriminate against the customer by their status.

9. Start-up is easy and Mercury is difficult.

10. Always be in the customer’s shoes.

11. Where there is great profit, there is always great damage.

12. Abandoning an excessive contest will make you feel at ease and prosperous.

13. Always weigh the quality of the goods. It’s not a good thing to sell a lot.

14. Don’t think it’s only you who’s leaving the pedigree on a long way.

15. Each item has its own time.

16. Once satisfied, customers become the best salesman.

17. Kill the horse first if you want to kill the rider on the horse.

18. Money is the best business.

19. I don’t know! know better than rice trade

20. The best thing about customer service is that it always provides good information.

21. It is up to me to be poor and rich.

22. A person does not move unless he or she does it, speaks it, orders it, or praises it.

23. Don’t have two arrows.

Because there is a second arrow, the first arrow is not focused.

24. Pain is the seed of pleasure, but pleasure becomes the seed of trouble.

25. Careful is the shortcut to no burn.

26. Show wisdom when you don’t have money; show sweat if you don’t have wisdom.

27. The scariest thing is getting drunk, and resting on interest.

28. Don’t end your life without trying.

29. The meaning of the word money is to get both ‘money’ and ‘chang.’

30. If you only have a 70 or 80 percent chance of doing business, you’d better quit.

31. If you’re tired, you’re a hundred and one.

32. If you pay back the borrowed money on time, your credit doubles.

33. Nothing is as precious as being on good terms.