Wisdoms from Reading Books

1. Books are motivating.

Life is hard and hard. There are things that life must do and things that must not.

It’s hard to live after this. To live a hard life, you need something that motivates you strongly.

Books are the best motivators. Books give you a strong incentive.

Read a book about success when you feel weak, depressed, and want to give up. Then you’ll definitely get a different motivation.

2. Books convey accurate knowledge.

Books provide knowledge and information in a systematic and profound way. A well-made book conveys a great deal of knowledge.

In other words, the knowledge gained from books can be applied to life. It provides directions in detail.

Knowledge through television mostly conveys a knowledge of dependence rather than a knowledge of initiative. Most of the textbooks consist of books.

3. Books are your eternal asset.

No one leaves his book when he moves away.

Books will stay until you die and books left with your notes will be passed on to your children as a great legacy.

Prepare a book from now on that you will leave a legacy to your children’s.

The key to children’s education is not to buy them meat. It is to teach how to catch fish.

The meat is over, but if you learn how to catch it, it will be yours forever.

And thieves can steal your property, but the knowledge, experience, and wisdom in your head are not very good at stealing.

4. Books make you good at concentration.

Therefore, memory remains best. It makes the most efficient than any other learning

Because I can’t do everything when I read a book.

It’s hard to talk while eating while watching TV.

When you read a book, you have to read only a book. Therefore, I can concentrate when I read a book because I read it carefully.

5. Give 100 times more value than money to buy books. improve the economy

In a knowledge-based society, the value of money for knowledge will increase in the coming years.

Direct participation in famous people’s workshops, seminars, special lectures, etc. will probably cost you a fortune.

On the other hand, what these people have done in workshops, seminars, special lectures and so on must be written in books.

Their main source of income is their income from books. Perhaps these events are a way of promoting books.

When it comes to cost, I hope you keep in mind that books are much more economical and effective. Knowledge through books is not to be lost.

After drinking, that’s it, but the book stays in your study forever.

In addition, the more luxurious women tend to be, the less they buy books.

The extravagant person actually finds that there are very few net assets in terms of the notion of net assets (asset-liability).

In other words, most of them are fake rich, not really rich. You need judgment and discernment to judge what is more important in life.

6. Books serve as your great teacher.

Mentor is necessary in life. But you will find it very hard to find the mentors you really want and want in this society.

Your true mentor is the book.

If you run into a difficulty when you want to start something, books will serve as a great teacher for you when you feel stuffy and invisible.

7. It improves your ability.

Capacity improvement The first step starts with knowledge. Without learning knowledge you can never build and never build.

Knowledge is possible through books. The development of history is exactly the same as the history of books.

The development of history and the transfer of technology were carried out through books. Books are knowledge. Knowledge is a book.

8. Books make your thoughts and lives sound.

Great men must have a book that made them great. You can find books that have changed the fate of great men.

If you don’t think, you’ll have negative thoughts. If you don’t think, you’ll think of laz

Human thought naturally becomes corrupt enemy and unproductive.

Therefore, you should always train your mind to be healthy and healthy Books play a crucial role in keeping your thoughts and lives sound.

9. Books make healthy habits.

If you choose a good book and read it well, you will get a great deal of talent.

Then one naturally repeats itself and then forms a certain lifestyle.

Then, a strong habit of determining one’s fate is created.

Reading good books leads to reading better books and, by the way, you make good habits through them.

10. Books make you feel better. Furthermore, it makes bad feelings a good one.

Nothing can ever be done successfully under a bad emotional state.

You can only handle things successfully if you are in a good mood.

If you keep yourself in good spirits all the time, your work will improve considerably.

A good state of feeling is possible through books. So read a good book that makes you feel good.

Reading such a book is bound to create a pleasant state of feeling.

11. Books make your life and values healthy. Furthermore, it deepens your life.

Healthy life views and values are possible through various indirect experiences.

It is the book that enables you to learn and experience indirect experiences systematically and accurately in a short period of time.

Great great men can learn life through books.

A single book can teach them long lives from beginning to end. This is a miracle.

It’s a miracle that they get to know the valuable lessons they’ve been walking through all their lives in a book.

People who have lived a successful life clearly learn a lot. Yeah, I have to live like this.I make a pledge that

And through those who have been unhappy, I make up my mind that I shouldn’t live this life.

I have indirect experience through these books. Indirect experience through books makes people better.

And indirect experience through books makes a clear view of life and clear values.

12. Books provide time for self-reflection.

Books create indirect experiences and compare themselves with themselves at the same time as reading books, thus naturally providing opportunities for self-reflection.

What I want to emphasize is to create a calm atmosphere when reading books. And you have to create an environment where you can concentrate.

That’s because it can make the best reading efficiency. Reading a lot is not important. understand the contents of a book

In order to do so, you have to concentrate. Concentration has a close relationship with the environment.

Books that read quickly without concentration will leave nothing behind later in time.

I hope you remember that reading is not quantity but concentration.