foot massage method for men

It is said that if the foot declines, the energy decreases.

This is because all human functions appear on the soles of the foot, especially the nerve function that originates from a mild blood clot called a yongcheon located in the center of the footpad.

The new function contains the function of endocrine hormones.

For this reason, it is recommended to massage the soles of your feet frequently to promote circulation.

If the circulation function improves, the entire body will be easily relieved, and the new function will be promoted, thereby increasing its erection.

Since blood circulation in the lower body also improves, endurance also improves.

There’s also a way to step on a beanstalk or bamboo tree over and over again.

Drag a chiropractic slippers or massage the sole of your feet frequently by yourself.

This stimulates the autonomic nerves, so the involuntary muscles in the brain become active.

You will realize that the various nervous systems are also active.

Stimulating the soles of your feet alone can help cure diseases, relieve fatigue, and boost your body’s metabolism, so you can take care of your health.

* Foot massage like this!

1. Blood-relieving

It stimulates the blood of Yongcheon in the middle of the sole of the foot.

This area is connected to the corresponding part of the kidney, and if you zigzag this blood with the pressure rod for more than 4 seconds, it’s going to take three to four times.

The body’s waste is released into urine to relieve fatigue.

2. Strengthening sexual function

The heel part on the outside of the foot is connected to the gametes.

Therefore, it stimulates this area four to five times, as if you scratch it up and down with a pressure rod.

The prostate is the inner part of the heel and the testis the outer part.

3. Promoting digestion

When you feel bloated and indigestion, press the lower part of the base of your feet with a pressure rod several times.

This area is linked to the stomach, duodenum, and intestines, which are effective for digestive diseases.

4. Excessive drinking

Stimulate the base of the fourth toe when there is a problem with liver function due to excessive drinking.

This area is connected to the liver. Therefore, it is effective to recover liver function if stimulated three to four times repeatedly for about four seconds.

However, you shouldn’t expect it to work quickly after one or two attempts.

If you continue for at least a month, you will find yourself stronger.

I hope you’ll work hard and diligently, starting today.

* Massage effect and area related to each toe

– Thumbsaw = Head and liver

A speckle on your big toe is a sign that your brain is having problems.

If the liver is damaged by excessive drinking, the big toe changes color and the toe swells easily.

Since the back of the big toe is related to the belly, stimulating the area is very effective in removing pain and communicating gas.

Stimulating this area when you have a headache, shoulder, or neck improves your symptoms.

It helps prevent high blood pressure by pressing the entire floor of the foot for about five minutes every day and four to five times each.

– Second toe = stomach, etc. digestive tract

If the tip of the second toe is swollen or creased, it is seen as a sign of an abnormality in the stomach.

It is also associated with constipation, diabetes, nasal congestion and eye fatigue. If you get food poisoning, rubbing the neck part of your second toe will work.

– Third toe = heart

Stimulating the third toe will improve the circulation system’s movement and improve heart pounding and shortness of breath.

– Fourth toe = gallbladder

If your stomach is full of gas, rub or pull the fourth toe when you have cramps in your hips or numb your hands and feet while swimming.

– Baby toes = kidneys, bladder

If you rub your pups’ toes, they can work quickly.

Baby toes are so connected to the brain that they are called small brains that they are good for relieving fatigue if they stimulate after a long period of mental activity.