the habit of getting young

1. Chew and swallow food even 10 times.

As doctors say, try to chew it 30 times, but don’t give up before turning over three spoonfuls, and chew it 10 times.

Eating meat will be 10 times short, but when eating ramen, you need to chew it 10 times to digest it naturally on your stomach.

2. I study little by little every day.

The brain is like a precision machine, and it ages faster and faster if left unused.

They make a habit of using their heads by making sure to pay their bills by calculation or memorizing their phone numbers one by one.

Use your head endlessly in everyday life to prevent your hair from rusting.

3. When you wake up in the morning, turn on your stretch.

When I wake up in the morning, I stretch.

The stoma stimulates muscles and nerves that have been loosened by sleep, helping blood circulation and clearing the mood.

The habit of jumping out of bed can result in sudden blockage of blood vessels as you get older.

4. Take a 15-minute nap every day.

You need to get rid of fatigue as soon as you build up, and you can get sick if you pile it up a little bit.

If your eyes catch up, you’ll feel tired. Don’t force yourself to sleep and close your eyes for a moment.

Even a 15-minute nap can help you relieve fatigue in the morning and spend the afternoon briskly.

5. Go to the bathroom after breakfast.

To fix the incurable disease of modern people, especially of housewives, go to the bathroom unconditionally after breakfast.

I have to send my child to school and let my husband go to work, but I go to the bathroom first.

Even if you don’t have a signal to come to the bathroom, sit down for a while, massage your stomach, and then come out for about three minutes.

When you take the habit of sitting in the bathroom in the morning, your bowel movements naturally follow you once a day.

6. Eat a snack three to four hours after meals.

Eating a little too often is a shortcut to longevity.

When the stomach starts to feel bloated after lunch, fill it with fruits or light snacks.

When your stomach is completely empty, you eat too much in the evening, putting pressure on your stomach. But I’m not saying that you should have a hearty lunch and have another one in the afternoon when you’re not hungry.

It’s just a shortcut to obesity. Make a habit of putting spoons on each meal when you want to eat one more spoon.

7. Lie on the right side and bend your knees.

The most comfortable posture in the world is the one when the child is in the mother’s stomach.

Turning to the right to avoid overloading the heart, a slight bend in the knee can cause you to fall asleep the fastest, and it can also help your blood circulation while you are sleeping.

8. Tighten sphincter.

Sphincter Joy is a fitness exercise that no one even knows where there are countless people.

There is no better exercise than when you are taking care of yourself after childbirth or when you are worried about urinary tract after menopause.

Stand upright and tighten sphincter hard, then take a rest for 3 seconds and repeat the loosening action.

9. I sing for 10 minutes a day.

When you are stressed out or have a complicated head, you sing your favorite song.

a little humming, loud or small, not just listeningEthan sings along.

Stress relieves stress by singing the source of all diseases and favorite songs.

Singing is also a method used for psychiatric treatment as it makes people feel refreshed and also helps people avoid social problems or treat depression.

The habit of humming songs while washing dishes or washing laundry usually makes your mind young and healthy.

10. Don’t wash the water after taking a shower.

The skin also needs time to breathe.

After taking a shower, do not wipe gently with a towel and let it dry itself.

Waiting in a shower gown is also a good idea.

At this time, the skin sucks in water and regains momentum.

11. A spoonful of rice and two chopsticks for side dishes.

A spoonful of rice can be said to have eaten at least two side dishes.

To eat in soup or turn over a spoonful of rice with soup is simply to eat, not to eat.

When you look at your eating habits and don’t eat one side dish well, you consciously count it as once or twice.

I touch with my family every day.

It’s not just kids who get healthy with their touch.

Mom and Dad need proper touch to be emotionally stable and physically energetic.

Couples who have a natural relationship and touch are up to eight years younger and healthier than those who do not.

The habit of hugging couples in a natural way, just like in a relationship, makes them healthy.