effective exercise according to the type of belly fat

Everyone must have had a rough stomach that stretched out a little once, so they couldn’t button up their jeans.

No matter how much you exercise and improve your eating habits, you can hardly lose them once you gain weight.

As each person has a different constitution, the types of belly fat are different, and the causes and management methods of the five types of belly fat are introduced.

Look in the mirror to check your belly and see what type of belly you are in, what are the correct exercise and eating habits?

1. A Spare Tyre Tummy

A tire or tubular belly that is often found in office workers and students who sit and work all day long.

It is important to refrain from sugary foods and drinks such as chocolate and cakes, as the wrong eating habits and lack of exercise often result in heavy stomachs.

Light aerobic exercise helps burn fat rather than strenuous exercise such as walking, yoga or biking.

2. The Stress Tummy

People with a bulging lower abdomen are sensitive because they tend to be perfectionists.

It is also common in people who eat irregular meals, or enjoy caffeine, such as coffee, hamburger, pizza, and greasy food.

It is recommended to relieve stress by eating nuts and vegetables or getting enough sleep.

3. The Little Poach below

He has a slim figure on the surface, but his lower abdomen bulges out. It is one of the most common types of abdominal obesity in women.

Fat is also piled up in the thighs and hips due to a lack of activity as they usually sit for a long time.

If your lower abdomen is heavy or constipation is severe, eating fiber-rich and protein-rich foods and fluids will help you relax your stomach and prevent fat accumulation.

4. The Mammy Tummy

It is a type of belly fat or sagging, and birth and lack of activity are cited as the biggest reasons.

To flexibly strengthen the sagging skin, sit-ups or light stretches are recommended.

5. The Blotted Tummy

It is a type that expands as a whole, causing stomach problems due to indigestion and constipation.

Eating lactobacillus, which helps the digestive process, should be consumed because it can lead to total obesity.

Exercise that excrete waste and fat in the body with Pilates and stretching helps.