natural food good for colds

Colds are so common that no one has ever caught them in their lives.

Colds can be caused by a virus that can cause infection in the nose and throat.

Symptoms include sneezing, stuffing nose, runny nose, coughing, and headaches, but they usually heal without special treatment.

1. Doraji

The compound saponin helps remove phlegm by increasing mucous secretion of mucous membrane in the respiratory tract.

2. Ginger tea

It acts as an anti-bacterial agent, such as well.

It boosts your immune

Ginger tea is also good for preventing adult diseases, and for women with motion sickness.

3. No juice

It contains a lot of amylase and diastase that break down starch.

It is good for coughing, bloodshot, and phlegm, and it improves immunity and helps digestion.

4. Pumpkin juice

It is a vegetable rich in starch and contains lots of vitamins, and pumpkin seeds help the brain develop and prevent cancerous cell proliferation.

It helps your diet, helps prevent anemia, and strengthen your immune system.

5. Large-wave tea

The roots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium, which keep the body warm and help the stomach function.

It helps prevent colds and helps cure colds because it has excellent anti-cold, fever and anti-inflammatory effects.