foot massage method for men

It is said that if the foot declines, the energy decreases. This is because all human functions appear on the soles of the foot, especially the nerve function that originates from a mild blood clot called a yongcheon located in the center of the footpad. The new function contains the function of endocrine hormones. For […]

detoxification food

※ Wait here! Role of detox food Harmful substances such as heavy metals that enter the body through food or breathing do not get released out of the body well. Hazardous substances that are consumed by contaminated environments, irregular diets, chemical condiments and fine dust are factors that threaten the stomach, liver, lymphatic tubes, lungs, […]

food good for hyperlipidemia

There are more and more people coming down with adult diseases due to Westernized eating habits and lifestyles. Blood plays a very important role in our health as blood vessels pass through our bodies. If something goes wrong, such as blood clots or clogged blood vessels, it can lead to a disease such as hyperlipidemia. […]

food that eliminates insomnia

Insomnia is not a disease to be taken lightly! If you get insomnia, you can’t fall asleep easily, wake up often, and wake up early in the morning. Continuing insomnia can make you vulnerable to mental and physical diseases! Experiments on animals have shown general weakness, food intake abnormalities, weight loss, hypothermia, and skin problems, […]

Yulmu effect

Yulmoo helps reduce body heat, suppress edema and release waste. The taste is bad and I usually take it a lot with my car Yulmu-cha, which is consumed between meals, tastes great, but is also. From now on, I’ll tell you about the efficacy of Yulmoo. 1. It’s diuretic. It improves the excretion function of […]